Puzzle Sorter

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A perfect accessory and gift for all puzzlers and puzzle lovers of all ages, so they never miss a piece of your puzzle again
SIX stackable sorting trays shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece, collect all the pieces and order them when assembling your favourite puzzles. The product is ideal for dividing separating the various tiles depending on the shape, pattern, colour or type of piece for quick easy access – sort up to 1000 pieces.
A uniquely engineered stacking system with indented ridges provides a solid solution for compact organization, and the trays nest perfectly in the box for secure storage and transportation – link the trays of this puzzle organizer or move them around the table from one person to another.
Easily expandable for the hardcore puzzle fans, combine multiple 6-tray sets to accommodate jigsaw puzzles with higher piece counts such as 1500, 2000, and 3000.


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