Fortnite Victory Royale Series 6 Inch Deluxe Figure Mancake

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Mancake drops off the Battle Bus and glides into the Victory Royale Series! This 6-inch figure shows the character outfit with game-level details. Comes with Josie Harvesting Tool, Breakfast Bounty Back Bling, Syrup Slinger bottle, Butter Barn Cannon, and weapon accessories. Also includes an alt head to display the figure in The Cake with No Name style.
Pose out the Mancake figure in battle stance or dance emote with more than 20 points of articulation!
Ready up! The time has come to assemble a squad and unlock the legendary Fortnite game universe…in the real world. The Victory Royale Series takes Fortnite figures to the next level with highly poseable and detailed designs based on fan-favorite character outfits from the Fortnite video game. You never know who’s gonna drop into your collection next, but always remember to thank the bus driver.